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Elephant Trump

You’ve probably heard, since it’s all over the internet, that President Donald Trump lifted the ban on importing ivory (i.e. elephant tusks) into the United States. Now, I don’t know much about American politics, but I don’t understand why he thought that was a good idea.


Granted, I haven’t done a lot of research on the reasoning behind lifting the ban, but that was on purpose. I wanted to put my two cents in, and invite anyone who knows more facts about it to share their thoughts. I’m not American, but I’m sure there is someone who can put a reasonable spin on this… maybe.


To start, here are a few reasons or benefits for lifting this ban:


  1. President Trump has now curried favor with hunters, who I believe are mostly in the southern states of the province.
  2. Trump was acting out and wanted to show he had power. I’m sure there are many laws and regulations he cannot change due to the Supreme Court and otherwise, so anything he can do, he will, regardless of its benefits or drawbacks to the country. He’s a man on a power trip.
  3. There could be some economic benefit to the country. Similar to how marijuana is potentially being legalized all across Canada. It could create tax benefits and more income for the government if it’s no longer illegal and regulated through a government system.


Now, here are a few reasons why Trump is a complete idiot and doesn’t know how to run a country:


  1. He’s giving more freedom to people like Dr. Walter J. Palmer who killed Cecil the lion in the middle of a national park.
  2. He’s encouraging people to kill elephants just to rip off their tusks and sell them for a bigger profit than they deserve. A tusk is a very small fraction of an elephant. What happens to the rest of their body? They’re left to rot and be torn apart by other predators until they’re nothing.
  3. He just pissed off a LOT of people, especially animal rights activists. He claims he wants to make America great again, but he’s creating stronger divides in the country than there was before.


That’s the end of my little rant and I invite you to share your thoughts as well. Yes, this post is biased, and that’s how I intended it to be. If you can show me any real benefits to lifting this ban, I’m more than willing to listen. If you’re able to change my mind about this guy, I’ll be impressed. Care to accept the challenge?