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I feel your searching
Today and every day
Through the wildness of  your yearning
There is still a part of you that remains untamed
Like a wild mustang
Or a swallow diving through the wind
Leaving traces of her being
In an echo
Leaves me standing in the silence
I raise my hands to the sky
Letting the remnants of freedom
Reach for me.

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Endless Sky in Your Eyes

You know I think you’re beautiful
The possibilities of an endless sky in your eyes,
The shadows of a canyon carved in your silence,
It is by your side that I want to breathe in this life
In your embrace that I want to let go of the fight
The dawn brings me hope of being lifted by the wind
Sweet surrender on the journey home
I feel your stirring and your dreams
Your yearning for the open road
I offer you my love and my song
And I promise to always look up at the stars with you.

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