Glass Dancer

Morning sun on a lonesome road

Eastward bound and it’s 700 miles as the crow flies

Sault Ste. Marie just passing through

Handful of red stones in my pocket 

I throw my dreams across the water

Wondering if they will come back to me

I’m a glass dancer carrying a white guitar

Watching the clouds get caught between the mountains

Like the words that swirl all around me

The sky won’t commit to anything

Just echoes coming through the mirror.


Deana Lafleur 2018

Little Bird

She’s a soaring bird

For a moment in the mirror,

She dances through silver shadows

Listening to the sky sing a song of possibilities

When it feels like a part of her got buried alive long ago

Fighting its way to the light

Like a moth to a flame,

The Refiner’s fire

Leaving ashes and memories on the wind

Three thousand miles east as the crow flies,

She’s homeward bound.


Deana Lafleur 2018



Feather Hunter

You’ve been in the shadows

Looking to see and not be seen,

Your eyes have always burned with fire

You know what you like,

You with a heart full of cracks

And a silver hoop in your ear,

You’re a poet with a white guitar

Bleeding your soul out through your hands

Onto a piece of ebony

You carve a piece of your heart,

Lift it to the wind,

And watch it fly.


Deana Lafleur 2018

Running Raven


Running raven

On a winter day

Red clover tea

I can taste my dreams,

Telling myself I can get to the other side

Sweet sorrow in the morning,

I know who I am

The rest falls away like empty words

What remains reaches for the light

Pour truth into the broken places,

There’s a white feather to be found

Sent from across the great divide

The horses know there is snow on the wind

Dancing in the sun

Let it seep through my bones

Reminds me of my place

Among the living.


Deana Lafleur 2017

Shadows and Bones

Through a crack in my heart the light makes its way in

Stirring with the darkness etched in the muscle

Beating rhythms I don’t understand

But have always known.

Lightning runs through my blood

From some place far away,

Just shadows and bones now,

Stirring in the wind.

Deana Lafleur 2018



I feel your searching

Today and every day

Through the wildness of  your yearning

There is still a part of you that remains untamed

Like a wild mustang

Or a swallow diving through the wind

Leaving traces of her being

In an echo

Leaves me standing in the silence

I raise my hands to the sky

Letting the remnants of freedom

Reach for me.

Deana Lafleur 2018

Waiting for You

Here I am waiting for you, here I am

Like stars that have lived and died still shining light

I saw you before I knew your name

Calling out through a galaxy of dreams

From a place that has never been still inside of you

Wildfire and stillness, rain and wind

You are a travelling soul my love

Here I am waiting for you, here I am.


Deana Lafleur 2017

Endless Sky in Your Eyes

You know I think you’re beautiful
The possibilities of an endless sky in your eyes,
The shadows of a canyon carved in your silence,
It is by your side that I want to breathe in this life
In your embrace that I want to let go of the fight
The dawn brings me hope of being lifted by the wind
Sweet surrender on the journey home
I feel your stirring and your dreams
Your yearning for the open road
I offer you my love and my song
And I promise to always look up at the stars with you.
Deana Lafleur 2017

The Time

Time is our survival key,

But we are its creators.

It owns us on the daily,

But we forget all the players.


If we stop and look around,

Enjoy the world as it is,

We’ll stop rushing to hit the ground,

Faster than we stood.


We think about better tomorrows,

As the sun sets and rises,

Not really doing anything,

To change the morning skies.


Running on the hamster wheel,

We can’t live in the moment.

We don’t know how to pause,

Grab life’s horns and own it.