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‘Global Warming’ is Population Reduction, Not Science

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Published on 21 Oct 2018


‘Global Warming’ is Population Reduction, Not Science




Environmentalism – An Imperial Order for Genocide


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The Fraud of Anthropogenic Climate Change







iOS Synchronize Tool

iOS Synchronize Tool

iOS Synchronize Tool

Today, we are going to talk about the synchronization process of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices. Those who are working with iDevice will be interesting to know more about this iOS Synchronize Tool with a user-friendly interface. In a nutshell, Synchronization is a process of a mobile device communicates with applications on a personal computer or a server. But this is ties with many subparts and if you want to know more about iOS Synchronize Tool you can stay with this article. Hope, you will get in detail information about this iOS Synchronization without any effort.

About iOS Synchronize Tool

As an iDevice user, you have to manage your iOS device to get better performance with advanced features. Without any management, your iDevice will get out of control and also you will face many problems on your iDevice. By default, Apple Inc has been given an amazing iOS management tool for your device named as iTunes. With help of iTunes, you can sync your movies, videos, music, photos and etc. iTunes help you to manage your iDevice in addition to syncing your device using the computer. By now iDevice users don’t like to use this iTunes application due to some complicated process.

Due to iDevice users had to find an alternative to iOS Synchronize Tool for their iDevice which allows the best management process. iTools is one of the best management application software was released by the ThinkSky team. Already, each iDevice user has been taken an utmost experience to the end user without any issues. You can get the best iOS management process and you have the ability to sync any kind of music, video, photo, documents and etc via this introducing iTools. If you an iDevice user, this is the time to keep a full stop to your boring and useless iOS tools and select the best.

Brief introduction To iOS Synchronize Tool

iTools team one of the best developer team has designed this iOS syncing tool to complete iDevice user tasks without any doubt. As a result of their talent, they have released the latest version of iTools to enhance your device performance more. iTools 4  or the latest version including a number of stunning features like battery master, ringtone maker, data migration, AirPlayer, icon arranger, image tool and etc. With help these features you can get a user-friendly interface and fabulous performance to your iDevice as well. So iOS Synchronize Tool will easier your management and transferring process.

The process of iOS Synchronize Tool

According to the developer and reviews of the consumer have been accepted this synchronize tool as the best one. It is not a complicated process that you can finalize your data process using its features smoothly. In the real sense of the word, iTools is a powerful and smart tool compatible with all iOS versions. You can get the best process to your iDevice using updated version to your device always. Because this version always fixing bugs after introducing issues of the versions on behalf of the iDevice community.

iTools for Windows – What is iTools?

For those of you who are not already familiar, iTools for Windows is a free easy-to-use application that is designed to be an alternate for iTunes software on iOS devices. The iTools application allows you to easily transfer data such as videos, audios, texts, images, PDFs and podcasts between your iDevices and your PC. iTools 4, which is the latest version of the iTools for Windows software is also available for the Mac OS and additionally supports the latest iOS system upgrade, iOS 11.4 as well. The simple interfaces and systematic navigation controls make the iTools application a convenient tool for the task of managing your iDevice.

What’s new with iTools 4?

The newest release of the iTools for Windows application, iTools 4 comes with tons of great features and tools, each of which is specifically designed to provide you with a more satisfactory user experience. Let’s’ take a look at some of these more prominent additions.

New backup and restore features.

  • iTools Battery Master tool that provides you with information regarding battery life and battery health issues.
  • Data Migration tool that allows you to transfer data between 2 or more iDevices.
  • File manager tool that is equipped to help you better manage and maintain files on your iDevice via your PC.
  • iTools AirPlayer feature which enables easy interfacing of your iDevice screen on to your PC and also includes additional features like screen mirroring and screen recording.
  • iTools 4 Ringtone maker which allows you to customize and create your own ringtones.
  • iTools image tool which facilitates better handling of image files on your iDevice.

 Why should you choose iTools for Windows?

As mentioned before, iTools for Windows is the best available alternative to iTunes available to date and its growing popularity definitely supports this statement. But, what exactly makes iTools so special? All the great features certainly have something to do with it, but they are definitely not the only thing contributing to the staggering growth in the number of iTools users that we are seeing today. Here are some of these other factors that are influencing user choices regarding iTools for Windows at present.

  • iTools is a free application that can be easily obtained from the iTools official website.
  • iTools for Windows is compatible with iOS 11.4, and a separate version is available for Mac OS as well.
  • Jailbreaking your iDevice is not necessary to get the iTools download.
  • The simple interfaces and easy use navigation controls make iTools an extremely convenient application.
  • iTools for Windows can also help to set up the iOS 11.4 system update if you haven’t already set it up on your device.

How to get iTools for windows on your PC.

The iTools application has certain compatibility requirements that should be met before installation. The complete list of requirements along with instructions on how to set up iTools for Windows on your device are given below.

System and hardware requirements for PC:

1.       OS – Windows (32 bit or 64 bit) 8.1/8/7/10/Vista.

2.       CPU – 750 MHz AMD, Intel

3.       Disk Space – 40 MB

Compatible iDevice models:


iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus


iPad, iPad 2, The New iPad, iPad mini, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro

iPod Touch: 

iPod touch (1-6 generation)

Instructions to set up:

Step 1: Visit the iTools official website and download iTools for Windows.

Step 2: Install the application.

Step 3: Connect your iDevice to your PC using a proper USB cable and wait for iTools to recognize your device.

Developer Credits

iTools for Windows and iTools 4 software is developed and distributed by ThinkSky Technology. We thank ThinkSky for their efforts and for allowing all iOS users the opportunity to reap the benefits of this convenient application.

Magisk Manager | Introducing the first Systemles Root for Android Users

Even though there are hundreds of various Rooting tools, finding the best one is still a hard thing to do as almost every single tool is not 100% safe. That’s why we recommend you to use Magisk Manager the first universal open source systemless Android Rooting tool to root your Android. Magisk root has 100% success rate and it allows you to Root your device within very seconds as well. So in this article, you can read about Magisk Manager and also you can find a safe link to Magisk Manager Download on your Android running device for free in our download section below. But first I’m going to talk more about Magisk Manager for your further reference.

What is Magisk Manager?


Magisk Manager is the best tool that you can use to Root your default Android and gain the ultimate advantages in your device. Just like so many other Rooting tools Magisk is also coming as a 100% free tool and you can Magisk Manager Download and Root any Android version above Andriod 5.0 with the help of this amazing tool easily. Compare to other tools in the market Magisk Manager includes the number of advanced new features which allows you to enhance your Rooted device and I have mentioned some of them below.


Magisk SU – With the help of Magisk SU feature you can Root your Android device within several minutes easily.


Magisk Hide – Magisk Hide allows you to hide root for any application that installed in your rooted device. So with the help of this amazing feature, you can also install root unsupported Apps in your Rooted device easily.

Magisk Mount – Magisk Mount allows you to make any change of your OS without touching the system files.

Magisk Manager – Magisk Manager is the main location that all of these tools situated in and you can find all the new updates from here as well.


Advantages of Magisk Manager Download


  • Most importantly download and install of Magisk Ma

  • nager is 100% free.

  • Once you complete the download you can Root your device within few seconds easily.

  • You don’t have to use any other device such as PC as well.

  • As Magisk Root your device without touching your device system files your device won’t get any harmful effects as well. (Systemless Root)

  • It’s safe and more than 10 million Android fans have already rooted their devices with Magisk and you don’t have to worry about success rate at all.

  • With the help of Magisk Hide feature, you can bypass Google SafetyNet barriers as well.

  • You can also use Android Pay in your rooted device if you choose Magisk to root your Android and that’s one of the major reason why most people love to use Magisk as well.

  • 100% Unrootable and uninstall with a single tap on a button.


Magisk Manager Download

You can download Magisk Manager on your Android device by using our main website as an APK file for free. Unfortunately, Magisk Manager is not available in Google Play Store or any other App Store. So must download it from here.

Note: Xda and this website only offer the original Magisk Manager Download files. As there are so many  fake download websites which try to spread malware, So we highly recommend you to use only these two links to Magisk Manager Download on your device.

iTools for Apple Watch

All About iTools for Apple Watch

There are plenty of iOS management software in the iOS world designed for manage Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Windows computers. Already you know iTunes is the official software which helps you to manage your iDevice easily by default. iTunes always brings some complicated process, interface and slow performance for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In that time, The iTools team was able to release the latest tool for iOS management. It is iTools for Apple Watch comes with stunning features to each iDevice user. With help of iTools, every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device users have the possibility to manage the iDevice in a better manner.


More on iTools for Apple Watch

Today, you can use iTools for your Mac and Windows computers as well. But with this article, we are going to use amazing iTools for your Apple watch designed by Apple Inc with cool features. When considering Apple Watch can name as a smartwatch that connects your iPhone to deliver notifications and help to run various applications. Also known as iWatch or iPhone watch which helps you get through our day for save money, be productive, and etc. there is a number of exciting features of Apple watch. Such as speed, LTE, 16GB storage capacity, Barometric altimeter, music and radio streaming, Siri, explorer watch face, sports loop are among features. These features depend on technology which means it helps to improve your apple watch performance. So this is the time to check out the combination of iTools with Apple watch. Refer this great article to know more about iTools for Apple Watch.


About iTools

iTools is a great invention released by the ThinkSky team for all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device users. iTools can manage your iOS device and transfer media like photos, music, videos, documents and etc as well. Therefore we can name it as a multitasking iOS management tool which helps you to complete a number of tasks at the same time smoothly. iTools for Apple Watch is an ideal topic for all Apple watch users. As I think you like to use a well organized Apple watch with stunning appearance. So iTools is the simple and easiest way to get expected iOS management. Using this guide you can fulfill your mind with the information of iTools for Apple Watch.


iTools for Apple Watch Stunning Features

iTools consists of brilliant features which helps you to organize your iWatch easily. With help of using following features, you can reach to the best iOS management process. Here are the features of iTools that help you to manage your iDevice well.


  • Advanced data migration even with support for iOS and Android.

  • Strong customization capabilities with ringtone maker, wallpaper changes and etc.

  • Complete backup assistance and safe restoring way

  • File managing with iTools exclusive file explorer.

  • Wipe unwanted files, cache and increase the device performance.

  • It helps with Desktop management.

  • It acts as a portable disk

  • You can create your own ringtone using Ringtone maker

  • Save your battery life with help of Battery master feature

  • Image tool helps to perform more using albums

  • You have the ability to experience the enormous screen with iTools Airplayer

  • You can transfer all types of file formats using Data migration

  • Super backup and restore feature can save your data.

  • Icon arranger helps to change your home screen as you want.


How to download iTools for Apple watch??


  1. Search iTools new version iTools 4 and install instructions. (Mac or Windows)

  2. Open the downloaded tool in the new window.

  3. Use proper USB and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  4. Wait until iTools get connected with iDevice

  5. Finally, iTools interface and monitor your device.



Developer Credits of iTools for Apple Watch

Finally, you touch the Apple Watch management process within few minutes. At this moment I would like to mention the great developers of iTools and Apple Watch devices. All the developer credits and copyright issued goes to them. Hope you can enjoy iTools a lot with this valuable content.

SuperSU Pro Free Version

SuperSU Pro Free Version in Brief

Are you ready to develop your Android smart device with mesmerized rooting tool? Definitely, your answer will yes due to you are the one who likes to customize your Android smartphone or tablet device as you want. Installing third-party application and games takes the most prominent place among other modifications. Anyhow, Android rooting is a process of lightening the dark corners of your Android smart device. In this article, we provide all the information about SuperSU Pro Free Version famous as one of best Android rooting tool. So hope you will refer this article to know more about SuperSU Pro Free Version.

More about SuperSU Pro Free Version

As I mentioned before SuperSU Pro is a rooting tool that can reach your Android operating system. Each Android smart devices comes to the market with some restrictions which do not allow to installed unapproved applications to your Android smart device. After unlocking your Android smart device or removing restrictions process you can install any application on your smart device without any doubt as well. Android rooting has been an essential term for the Android community. To complete this goal you can use proper rooting method which is compatible with your Android version. Because there are many rooting tools available in the Android market with different process and features. So some rooting tool has been designed for root one Android version or some are not. It is better to be careful when you are selecting a rooting tool for your smart device. SuperSU Pro is a great rooting tool compatible with all Android versions. Stay with this article to fresh your mind with SuperSU Pro rooting tool.

When talking about SuperSU Pro Free Version furthermore, there is no complicated process that you should be feeling difficult. This rooting tool has been designed easy to use hand which allows you to enjoy your device appearance as well. SuperSU Pro is a trending rooting application developed by the well-known chainfire team. They show the talent with releasing amazing products to the community. So SuperSU Pro can be named as one help to root your Android smart device and let you keep your device in a better manner. This productive tool is introduced as the best superuser access management in the future that will help you to access the Advanced operating system of your smart device as well. Therefore we can identify SuperSU Pro as a multitasking rooting tool. With multitasking rooting tool you can do many things on your smart device easily. SuperSU Pro including some major features like Superuser access logging, Superuser access notifications, Superuser access prompt, Per-app notification configuration, Temporary unroot, Deep process detection, Works in recovery,  Works when Android isn’t properly booted, Works with non-standard shell locations, Always runs in ghost mode, Wake on prompt, Convert to /system app and etc. In addition to these features, chainfire team introduced stunning features with the latest version of SuperSU Pro.

Newly introduced Features of SuperSU Pro Free Version

     Per-app user override

     OTA survival mode

     Pin Protection

     Full color-coded command content logging

     You can easily grant/ deny root to an app for a fixed amount of time

     Adjust auto deny countdown

     Per-app logging configuration

How to Download SuperSU Pro Free Version?

     Download  SuperSU Pro free version and latest version of your Android device.

     Reboot your Android smart device.

     After the rooting process, SuperSU Pro can access the Android device.

     Right now you have rooted Android device. With help of the rooted Android device, you can enjoy a new appearance.

A word about Developer of SuperSU Pro Free Version

Well reputed chainfire team has been released the most suitable rooting tool which is compatible with your Android version. All the developer credits goes to the Chainfire team which gives amazing SuperSU Pro for your device. This is an impressive article helps you to enjoy a lot with your Android smartphone and tablet device.