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Magisk Root | World’s First System less Android Root Manager

What is Magisk Root?


Magisk is just similar to chainfire SuperSU. Magisk is a new tool for customizing Android devices which was developed using the latest new technologies. It was developed by XDA developer “topjohnwu” in 2016. Magisk Root work as systemless. This means it’s a very important way to modify the systems without in effect modifying it. All modification files are safely stored in the boot partition. So this is the most important feature of this tool as well.

Anyhow if you rooted your device with Magisk, you can run almost any type of apps like banking apps, Android Pay, pokemon etc. Also, Magisk shows up your android device to a world of modifications and Magisk Root is a wonderful tool which helps to manage your Android device. Apart from that, this tool is a combination of so many new system enhancements as well.


Download Magisk Root


In the present world, Android is one of the world’s reputed mobile operating system and there are more than 2 billion monthly active Android devices all around the world. As a result of that, today most mobile device producers are using Android OS for their products because they have included so many features and advantages. As a result, there is a huge market generate for Android Devices. We love Android but rooting your android device they have so many benefits can gain your device. So Magisk Root is the best root in the world and also Magisk is the first systemless root in the world. So if you are looking for rooting your Android Device by using this kind of mod this is the best way to root your Android Device.


The Advantages of Magisk Root


These are some of the major good outcomes of Magisk Root.

  • As we know this is 100% free download rooting tool. Therefore you don’t have to pay any coins to download this tool.

  • You can move Banking Apps.

  • Magisk Root is the world’s first systemless rooting tool.

  • You can also hide which are not supported apps in your android device by using Magisk Hide.

  • Magisk Root is a systemless root so bypass safety net apps give a protection to android device users.

  • You can also customize your Android device as you want.

  • If you want to unroot your Android device it is also easier.

  • You can also install many modules via Magisk.


How to download Magisk Root for your Android Device


Now you can download Magisk for your Android Device very easily. Under the guidance, you can download Magisk latest version. So these are steps and right order to download Magisk. Please follow the guidance refrain any doubts.


Step 01- Download the Magisk Manager for your Android Device. Therefore visit our Magisk official site.


Step 02- After step 1 you can see some unknown source warning. So you need to turn it on, “Settings> Security> Unknown Source”.



Step 03- Now turn on “unknown sources.”



Step 04- Try installing the application and open it, therefore, you have to press the install button.



Step 05- After it’s completed click on the Install button and get Magisk Root for your Android Device.



Step 06- After you click on Install button you can see selected method just click on Download Zip File.

Step 07- Now its completed. Magisk manager will automatically install your android device.



Step 08 – Before you clicked Download Zip File only then you can see the downloaded files and after then they will ask you to Reboot your phone. So you Reboot your phone and open the Magisk Manager application.



Step 09 – Now you have successfully downloaded this amazing rooting tool for your Android device for 100% free.


If you find any difficulties in install Magisk Manager, this video might help you to complete the installation easily.


Under what “formal” subject does Eugenics reside?

Under what “formal” subject does Eugenics reside?



Under what “formal” subject does Mass Media Propaganda reside?



Under what “formal” subject does Racism reside?



You associate the opposite of psychology with a religion but you have this association because it is FED TO YOU.


The opposition to psychology is DIANETICS.




The electro-psychometer was invented under DIANETICS – SCIENCE.


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IT’S CALLED REAL LIFE, and it is where the adults live.


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Former IPCC Scientist Refutes New Climate Change Report

Schiller Institute


Published on 29 Oct 2018


Former IPCC Scientist Refutes New Climate Change Report


Former expert reviewer for IPCC, Dr. Madhav Khandekar, denounces man-made climate change scare narrative, says “warming due to human activity is minimal at best.”


Dr. Madhav Khandekar holds a Ph D in Meteorology from the Florida State University USA (1968) and an M Sc in Statistics from Pune University India (1957). Khandekar has been in the field of weather and climate science for over 60 years and has published well over 150 papers, reports, book reviews and scientific commentaries. His current interest is global weather anomalies and extremes and their possible linkage to climate change. He retired as a Research Scientist at Environment Canada in 1997 and lives in Toronto.




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What underpins the Empire’s control is that people refuse to acknowledge the SCIENCE of the mind

What underpins the Empire’s control is that people refuse to acknowledge the SCIENCE of the mind.


They continue to support and fund Psychology, which is a weapon.

Citizens use the weapon on each other, destroying each other’s minds.

The weapon is used to invalidate the law and so there is lawlessness. WAR!!! occurs.

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Dianetics is the SCIENCE of the mind. And your “mates” are the problem.






USA, Inc. – “MARKETS” of Crime


3 City States


British Invisible Empire


Breaking Down Brainwashing also known as Public Opinion







Pic Reference, Pg3 – http://cecaust.com.au/pubs/pdfs/cv8n5_Final_Web.pdf


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The True History of the Founding of Australia ~ RESTORED!!! by the CEC of Australia

The New Citizen


Vol 7 No 1 Oct/Nov 2009


The True History of the Founding of Australia ~ RESTORED!!! by the CEC of Australia




A quote from pg15


John Dunmore Lang(Rev. Dr. John Dunmore Lang, Australia’s founding father.)

If one may speak of the “Founding Father” of a truly sovereign Australia, it is the Scottish Presbyterian minister, the Rev. Dr. John Dunmore Lang (1799-1878).

Inflamed with admiration for the ideals of the American Revolution, Lang proclaimed that Australia must, and inevitably would become what he termed the “America of the Southern Hemisphere”, or, alternatively, the “United States of Australia”.


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‘Global Warming’ is Population Reduction, Not Science

LaRouchePAC Live


Published on 21 Oct 2018


‘Global Warming’ is Population Reduction, Not Science




Environmentalism – An Imperial Order for Genocide


Full Playlist ~










The Fraud of Anthropogenic Climate Change







Differences between Traditional Medicare and a Medicare Advantage Plan

Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plan differ in a lot of factors. One of the biggest difference is that Medicare Advantage Plan offers bundle parts A and B together with extra benefits which are not offered by the original Medicare Plan. So, before choosing any of the Medicare Plan, try your level best to know what is original Medicare and what is Medicare Advantage Part C. Until and unless you doubt won’t get clear, you will not be able to decide the best healthcare plan for yourself.

Raptors win preseason game in Vancouver

The Raptors opened the preseason and played against the Portland trail blazers, they won with their new star player kawhi leondard.   Will kawhi Leonard and the Raptors gel together? Or did Masai ujiri pull the plug by trading derozan for leondard make the Raptors a worse team overall?  Only time will tell once the regular season starts