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Websites vs social networks

I created some websites and blogs on Tumblr, Blogger, InfinityFree, Emyspot and Profreehost. I realized that owning of websites is better than using social networks. My reasons are:

  1. Post options are better on websites and blogs. Websites and blogs have text formating, many social network does not have it. Some social networks like twitter and Mastodon have character limits. I can insert HTML code on website, on many social networks it is impossible.
  2. People do not need to register to see my posts and comment. Many websites use comment form where email and username is enough and visitors do not need to register on website to comment. But, some websites use Facebook comment or Disqus (I prefer Disqus).
  3. Social networks ban users and delete accounts because they think that users do not respect their rules and terms of service. On my websites, I make my rules.
    1. Many users on social media are scammers and trolls and they are not nice and respectful. Many people use fake identities on social media.

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