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Translink to consider longer hours on friday and Saturday nightst


Do you agree with translink increasing the service hrs?   I actually think that increasing the service hours is both a safety concern and a maintenance concern.  For safety the trains need to be inspected daily as well as the track needs to be inspected to keep it in good working condition.      If the track isn’t up kept then there will be delays on the service.

Instead I think translink should consider halving  all night sky train buses run along the sky train line starting from waterfront going to each station along the sky train line instead of increasing the sky train service hrs.   I would run the buses every 5-10 minutes in each direction after the sky train shuts down at night.   That way translink can upkeep the tracks and the sky train cars.

One thought on “Translink to consider longer hours on friday and Saturday nightst

  1. I know a couple bus drivers for Coast Mountain, and they can make all the plans they want but it doesn’t usually work. The skytrain system they have is from the 80s, so if they’re going to do anything it should be a total revamp of the skytrain computers system.

    As for your idea of running every 5-10 mins, it’s good in theory, but they’re already trying to have more frequent service and it doesn’t work. Obviously traffic isn’t as big of an issue at night, but there’s also a lack of bus drivers and they don’t always get the breaks they need so they might run late. Buses break down, because they’re so old, and they’re given band-aid fixes.

    While I think your ideas are good and reasonable, I don’t think Translink has the desire nor the resources to implement them.

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