Tara the Performer

Now then, just who are A.J. and Tara? Well, let us share a little about ourselves with you.

I (Tara) have always been a survivor and a performer. What do I mean by “survivor”? Well, first of all, I was born at just six months.

My mom took a tumble (thanks to the family dog!) which caused her water to break, so I was delivered before my time. I was a miracle child and was so small that I fit into my mom’s palm. My lungs and brain weren’t fully developed, but obviously I survived and my lungs are doing just fine now (have you listened to me sing yet?!? 😉

And that thing about being a performer? Well, I started out as a gymnast and was doing very well. At that time we lived in San Antonio, Texas.

Gymnastics is a big thing there, so I had really good training. I did so well that my coaches compared me to Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller. What a compliment!

But, alas, my father retired from the military and the family moved back to our roots in southern Illinois. There wasn’t much interest in gymnastics there and no real place to train, so I was at loose ends.

But that didn’t last long. As I said, I am a performer at heart, so I started looking for something fresh and different. I had already been singing, so my parents encouraged me to join the church choir.

Then, when I was in 4th grade, my parents took me to see “A Christmas Carol” live at the Fox Theater in St. Louis, Missouri. I had found my new love! I wanted to make others feel what I had felt.

I was so happy and at the same time laughing and crying. I was floating on a cloud!

So, back home I joined every choir I could and started taking singing, acting, and dance classes. I ended up in two to three musicals per year all the way through high school ranging from “SchoolHouse Rock” to “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Now, my music wasn’t always used for the “common good.” Nope, I knew how to get under my brother’s skin with my singing.

The first album I ever bought was Alanis Morrisette’s “Jagged Little Pill.” I sang it constantly. I would sing the album out of boredom when Mom made us go shopping with her, and my brother HATED it.

So, of course, I would just sing louder and louder until he got so mad he started yelling at me. And that would make me cry. Looking back, I guess I was a really mean sister.

Anyway, I had been telling my family that I wanted to be in all the movie versions of the musicals I had performed. Luckily, my family totally supported my dream.

While in high school, I went to a college fair and there I discovered the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA). I scheduled an audition and was accepted into the summer program. The original plan was for my mom and me to get an apartment in California for the summer but then you’ll NEVER believe what my father did . . .

Well, more on that later. It’s A.J.’s turn. You’ll be hearing from him tomorrow.

You’ll find out that he is quite the survivor as well!

Thanks for listening,

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