We all have achievements, and whether they’re big or small, that doesn’t matter. It’s still an achievement and you should be proud of it. The problem with success, is that it automatically comes with failure. When that happens, people tend to focus on the failure, and not the good things that have or will come.


Most of us just want “get rich quick” schemes. We think we’ve tried everything we can to succeed through hard work, and are tired of losing. We decide to give up and take the easy route. We tend to forget how far we’ve come to make it to where we currently are. Failures fill our heads, and they become all we think about. It’s like a poison in our minds that we can never shake. It holds us back, and we don’t know how to fix it.


Why do we focus so much on the things we haven’t done or have failed to do? Why don’t we focus on the good things? You graduated high school, you faced a fear, you spoke to your crush, you tried something even though you thought it wouldn’t work out. Focus on those great accomplishments, because they mean something in your life.


Yes, you may have lost a job, missed a bill payment, or failed at an entrepreneur venture, but so what? If we start thinking of failures as learning experiences, we’ll all be better off. Say you missed a bill payment. Ask yourself what you learned from that mistake. Was it to construct a better budget? To pay your bills earlier next time? To write things down? These questions may seem trivial, but even the smallest change can have a big impact on your life.


Everything can be spun in a positive way. You lost your job? Now you can find a better one. Your start-up company failed? Now you know what not to do. You said the wrong thing to someone you care about? Now you know what their limits are. Yes, you failed, but life goes on. You can’t change the past, so why not change the future? Make the decision to be a better person, and take all your life experiences with you to improve.


Don’t consider your failures as baggage. Think of them as experiences that led you one step closer to success. None of us want to admit we failed, but that’s like saying we’re not human. Being human means to accept ups and downs in all their forms. If you learn to accept yourself, and never give up, you will earn your success one day.


We all want a quick fix to life’s problems, but that’s not how it works. So, the next time you fail, don’t call it a failure. Call it a stepping stone, a lesson, or whatever helps you stay motivated to keep moving forward. Failure is part of life, and once you accept that, you’ll be much better off.

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