Stranger People

I recently heard about a celebrity who had to deactivate her Twitter account because she was being bullied. This actress is Millie Bobbie Brown, from the show Stranger Things, and she’s only FOURTEEN! People were creating memes with her pictures that showcased her as a homophobic person. I don’t think she is, but even if she was what gives people the right to attack her like that? She’s just a kid, and no bullying is right in my book.

I think sometimes we forget that celebrities are human, and don’t think that they’ll ever see our mean comments or stupid memes. News Flash: they do! I think Millie was super mature for just taking herself off the internet instead of fighting back. She didn’t deserve to be treated that way. No one does, even if you disagree with their beliefs. Stop internet bullying and mind your own damn business!

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  1. Well said, if she’s gay, its none of anyone’s business but hers. It’s said that in this day and age that people would bully her just because of her choice to be gay. Let kids find out who they are, it will make the world a much better place.

    Thanks for sharing this, its good to talk about things like this.

  2. It is very common on social networks and real world. I do not care if someone likes homosexuals or hate them. It is a personal problem. I suppose that people who wrote it work in a homosexual NGO.

    1. Exactly! I really wish people would stay out of each other’s lives, especially of people they don’t even know. As people we make so many judgements about others and it’s kind of ridiculous.