Rising Free


I hear the wings of my freedom

Like ancient drums beating

Quiet thunder through this dark night.

Rising, rising,

Through the ashes, the smoke, the fire,

Wings of my freedom alive with desire.

Taste the redemption and the sweetness

Of this climb through the sky.

Pieces of my heart on a raven’s wing,

Pieces of my heart among the stars in the sky.

Cry my love, cry for the beauty, cry for the pain

Cry and let my tears fall like rain.

I am rising through this dark night,

I am rising,

Gathering light as I climb through the sky,

Leave it behind, all that tethers me to what are now ashes

Burning, burning in the fire,

Scattered on the wind,

Falls from my wings like dust.

I am crossing into the Promised land.

Through the storm I climb,

Burning through the sky

I am rising free.



Copyright 2017 Deana Lafleur

3 thoughts on “Rising Free

  1. Thank you Kirsten, I really appreciate the feedback. I love writing poetry and I think I am learning to just let it flow and not overthink it, just trust that what comes forth is from my heart. I enjoyed your poem, “The Time”, and felt the cadence of the words and imagery. I felt the words come together like the rhythm of a ticking clock. Powerful.

  2. This is beautiful! It’s written so effortlessly. I’ve been trying my hand at poetry, but my poems always seem so cheesy or childish. Any advice?

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