Remembrance day

With remembrance day fast approaching

What does Remembrance Day mean to you and how will you observe it? Do you think all provinces should have remembrance day as a stat holiday?

To answer that: remembrance day means to remember the men and women in uniform who protected us and who sacrificed their lives to make the world a better place.   It’s a day to respect the fallen soldiers, and to remember them.   It’s a time to reflect and think about how we can better the world we live in.

unfortunately I’m injured and cant bend my knee so I’m going to watch the remembrance day ceremony on tv.    In terms of a stat holiday i say all provinces should make it a stat holiday so that everyone is able to respect the fine men and women who protected us and keep us safe.  Ontario doesn’t observe remembrance day as a stat holiday and i think it’s very shameful as the capital of canada is Ottawa,Ontario.

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