Raven Child

I see you dancing,
I see you lean your head back and lift your face to the sky
I see you at peace with not knowing why
But breathing, present in the very space you breathe
Wrapping it around you, letting it flow through you
Carrying your life on the wind that has forever known where you come from
And where you are going to
Dancing, singing,
Barefoot life on a path of thorns and sand
And smooth and shiny stones where the jagged edges lie hidden
Like crouching tigers or antlers proclaiming the One who knows it all
Fire, water, sky and earth we try to hold in our hands
Forever slipping through our fingers,
Our lives, our bones that turn to dust
Dancing child, your spirit flies
The I Am calls you and guides you and loves you
Into beauty.

Deana Lafleur 2016


2 thoughts on “Raven Child

  1. I really like your poetry, after reading it, i had to read Raven Child again as it is so well done. The picture of the Raven did you draw that? Its amazing its very detail oriented, I like warm colours around the raven.

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