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Distracted Driving

Many organizations, rightly so, are fighting to end drunk driving and driving while talking on the phone. There are so many ways now to get home safely without driving yourself, and that’s a huge step for society. Unfortunately, there’s not much light shed on distracted driving.


To me, distracted driving is not just from cellphones. It’s when you’re driving while drinking coffee, putting on your makeup, eating lunch, or doing anything aside from focusing on the road. Driving should not be a multitasking activity. Driving itself forces you to think about several things at once without you reading a book or playing around with the radio.


It kills me how many accidents there are every day, especially on major highways. How are people allowed to keep their licenses if they can barely drive in ideal conditions? Don’t even get me started on how they drive in the snow or the rain.


I’ve had my driver’s license for a couple years now and it appalls me how bad some people are. If your eyes are not on the road in front of you, the only other safe place is looking in the rear view to check on your kid or doing a shoulder check. What is your rush that you can’t wait to make a phone call or fix your eyeliner until you’re OFF the road?


People think they’re invincible. “Yeah, I’m an expert driver. I drive with my knees and make a four-course meal right in the car!” People get complacent. People don’t understand how much of a danger they are to other people by not making driving their number one priority.


To add to the chaos, cars now come with hands-free everything. That’s fine in theory. It’s like the “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality, but it’s still a part of distracted driving! If you’re fiddling around with buttons trying to work your hands-free calling or whatever else, you’re not focused on the car you’re about to rear end.


Many people on the road tend to be oblivious, and they don’t care about hitting anyone as long as they reach their destination. We live in a world where time is more valuable than making sure you don’t hit a kid or skid along black ice.


Where I live, there’s no mandatory course you have to take before you get your driver’s license. That is a bad idea. We need to bring back driver’s education in high school, and for the places that already have it, find a way to improve on it. There are too many irresponsible drivers out there, and it makes it that much harder for newbies like me to learn in peace!


When you’re the driver, focus on your main task – DRIVING! Stop worrying about all the things you’re going to miss on social media in the ten minutes it takes you to drive to work. Get up earlier so you have more time to do your makeup or eat breakfast. BETTER YET, prioritize eating and skip the makeup routine for today. It won’t kill you, but distracted driving might!


2 thoughts on “Distracted Driving

  1. I think listening to music while driving is fine when it’s on the radio, but if you have earbuds in it can be super dangerous. With earbuds, you’re not able to pay attention to anything on the road, especially what’s coming behind you, like an emergency vehicle.

  2. Many drivers in Serbia are not careful. They talk while they drive. Even bus drivers listen to music while they drive buses.

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