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I’ve got two questions for you:

  1. Why do we pay celebrities so much?
  2. Why do we feel entitled to their lives?



Let’s start with the first question. Yes, celebrities put in countless hours, work irregular shifts, and must put up with a lot of crap. But who decides how much to pay these people? Why do they deserve to live in fancy houses and buy gold cars and exotic animals just because they can?


Some celebrities go through a lot physically and mentally for a role, so I understand the compensation for that. My concern is why do we give them so much money just because they’ve been deemed A-List by some pointless rating system? Then, especially on sitcoms or long running shows, they ask for MORE MONEY! Are you not making enough already? You need to buy two mansions because your first one got too dusty?


I’m all for making money, but I just need enough to be comfortable and live on my own. Yes, lots of celebrities are philanthropists and put their money to good use, but when J.K. Rowling lost her billionaire status for donating too much to charity people went crazy! Someone needs to explain this to me because I just don’t get it. Who decides these wages??



Now, onto the second question. I’m guilty of this too sometimes, but why do we care so much about the latest scandal? Why do we feel the need to invade someone’s privacy to find out who’s pregnant or who had an affair with whom? Then we get mad when celebrities don’t want to talk to their fans in public or take pictures with random people they don’t know.


WE. ARE. NOT. ENTITLED. TO. THEIR. LIVES. Yes, their fans made them famous, but that doesn’t mean they HAVE to stop and chat with us if we see them on the street. That doesn’t mean we can take pictures of them eating lunch or spread rumors about who they’re sleeping with. People see celebrity gossip as a form of entertainment, and I think that makes us forget that we’re dealing with real people.


No one was really born famous, unless their parents were already famous. No one chooses their parents or upbringing, so why do we treat celebrities so differently? They were regular kids just like us once, so stop getting mad if they don’t want to talk to random fan girls. We all have bad days, and no one, not even celebrities, want to be interrupted during those days.


Just remember that celebrities are people too. They deserve our respect and to keep their privacy. If they want to share something about their lives with us, that’s their choice. They don’t have to do anything for their fans because they’re famous. People made them famous because they had talent, and everyone loved them. We CHOOSE who our celebrities are, but that doesn’t mean we can invade their personal lives.


Celebrities are real people, and you shouldn’t find that shocking. They have the same rights as everyone else. Yes, their lives come with extra perks, but we chose to give that to them. Just let them live their lives, and don’t use them as escape from your problems. Focus on what really matters in your life, and connect with your own friends and family. Stop living vicariously through other people.

2 thoughts on “Celebrities

  1. That’s so true about them doing their jobs. They’re making a living like everyone else. People think they know an actor/actress because they’ve seen them on screen, but they only know the characters they play. They get so caught up in the fantasy, we forget they’re just real people living life.

  2. I have never understood why some young people are obsessed with celebrities. Celebrities just do their job. I have never been interested what they do in their homes. They are paid because some companies and rich people have interest to invest in them. Some of them promote companies and get millions to promote their sponsors.

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