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Cats Vs. Dogs

The Endless Battle

For all you animal lovers out there, you may be familiar with the cats versus dogs situation. Personally, I love dogs and think cats are the spawn of Satan. My boyfriend has a cat though, so I think it’s only fair to highlight the pros and cons of each animal.

Pros – Dogs



  1. They’re always happy to see you even if you’ve abandoned them for a whole eight hours to go to your stupid job when you should be playing with your dog.
  2. They love to give you attention and you know exactly when they’re happy from the wag of their cute little tails.
  3. Dogs can sense human emotions and know how to comfort you when you’re sad.
  4. Even when they mess up, they instantly feel bad and beg for your forgiveness.
  5. Dogs can do so many awesome tricks and love to play!

Cons – Dogs

  1. They destroy things, even when they’re well-behaved dogs (or getting there). They like to eat shoes and tear pillows apart.
  2. Some dogs are so hyperactive, you’ll get more tired out than they ever will.
  3. They cost a lot of money. If you’re doing it right, you’ll spend money on lots of toys and treats for them. The cost can add up!
  4. They bark and howl at practically anything. Sometimes you might not get to sleep at night…
  5. Who am I kidding? Dogs are perfect and loving and we don’t deserve their friendship! They’re too perfect and happy and spread joy to the world.

Pros – Cats



  1. They can disappear for hours and you won’t worry about them because they’re probably sleeping somewhere.
  2. They require like zero attention, and can find hours of enjoyment with a cardboard box.
  3. They’re self-sufficient and don’t really need to play with you to find fulfillment in life (but if you don’t give them attention, you’re dead to them.)
  4. When they’re mad, you know it, and when they’re happy they purr loudly.
  5. They’re soft and fluffy, and sometimes they let you pet them.

Cons – Cats

  1. They’re annoying and climb all over your laptop when you’re trying to get some work done!
  2. They want you to pet them, and when you do they walk away.
  3. They sleep on your face.
  4. When they’re kneading, they don’t care if their claws cut you.
  5. They’re boring animals, and you don’t really see them most of the time. Yet, so many people adore them which must mean they have magic powers.

In my opinion, dogs are much more worthwhile pets. They’re fun, happy, and great for a family. They’re so freaking cute and great cuddle buddies. Some may say that about cats, but this debate will always be so subjective. There can never be a crowned winner (except the winner is dogs).

What do you think about the pros and cons of either pet? What’s missing from my list? Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

6 thoughts on “Cats Vs. Dogs

  1. I totally agree with this one. Dogs in general are more affectionate and caring . I also agree as cute as some cats are they are generally not as affectionate or caring as dogs can be. Although cats dont eat as much food as a dog and are less expensive than a dog, I’d take a dog any day over a cat.

    Very good article on the pros and cons of cats and dogs. Thanks for sharing

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