I was writing a science fiction series of books. In them I had to work out how to get my character to live a longer life, to 325 years. I researched, as I always did, but I came to the conclusion that it is likely possible this could come about in the future, not far off.

I found the obvious biblical historic references to people having lived longer. I noted that, and set it aside. I noted that in other historical records of a few thousand years ago, people lived longer, such as Gilgamesh, in Sumerian times.

I researched more and came across several things. One was that the human DNA was ninety percent compatible to that of a tree. That made sense as both DNAs evolved from the same source and we (humans and trees) inhabit the same planet.

I next came across a product called resveratrol. It has had reportedly thousands of studies, and they come up with rats living five times their otherwise normal longevity. Resveratrol is what is found in many sources, but is highest in concentration in the roots of Himalayan Knot-weed, Japanese Knot-weed, and Giant Knot-weed. These plants are known as noxious weeds, as they are almost indestructible, grow through concrete, are almost poison proof and so on. The top different ingredient is resveratrol, which accumulates in the roots. And while the plants do have seeds, they spread via their rhizomes, or roots. While in their homelands, these plants have natural living predators, but if you move them to other countries without their native predators, and they become noxious weeds.

So I came to the Himalayas, and here I found another product, called Shilajit. This is recorded as keeping gurus alive to 250 years old. It comes from a biomass that went underground 75 million years ago, and now is coming to the surface as the Indian and Asian plates hit each other in the Himalayas. I had trouble breathing then so licked the product just once and within ten minutes I could breathe the best in years. I certainly noted this.

I asked a professor at the main university in Kathmandu, could it be, that if 75 million years ago, the DNA was set for a longer life span of hundreds of years, and then there was a cataclysmic disaster, like that which happened 60 million years ago and almost wiped out all life. And then the DSA program changed in order to preserve the species, and from prescribing a long lifespan for the organisms of Earth, to a shorter one, but one that compels the animals to propagate at a faster rate, so as to perpetuate the species quickly in the face of the disaster. I reasoned that these organisms with this new short life span then survived. The older ones died out. This was when dinosaurs really vanished. Here we saw most animals of that era disappear. So could it be that a few organisms developed into a different way of surviving, living long lives, such as in the knot-weeds. And I then suggested to my professor freind that those who ate the shilajit, started to have the earlier imprinted DNA of that biomass of 75 million years ago now imprinted back into their own DNA? Thus I argued that the bodies of mammals eating this very old biomass started to age slower, stay younger for longer. The answer after I met with physicists, biologists, botanists, was yes, yes, and yes.

I then noted the recurring phenomena of some people. They are reported to be living with their body aging a quarter the rate as as the rest of us. Some called this Syndrome X. At first it was suggested to me that theirs was an illness in their DNA program. I then asked if they could not be the immune ones, and that the illness is what we have. The answer again was possibly yes. So there it is. Maybe, it is possible. One day, we will live a lot longer.

The reason why I was researching this for my books, was because I had the idea that if man lived longer, he would choose to have less offspring, and that would reduce the population. That in turn would save the environment and put all species back into balance.

So I surveyed people, if they were to live 325 years, and their children grow up slowly and leave home at the age of 65 (being physically the same as a 20 year old today), how many children would they want. The general answer was about five children. Then I computed that under the correct scenario, two people have about 1,500 offspring through the ages over the same period of time.

I did meet people who said they did not want to live longer. I also met people who said go back to writing fiction. But generally, people were interested in the idea.

I am including two links, as they show where I am coming from in my thinking.

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