Asking for help on social networks

I see very often on Twitter that some people ask for help. They claim that someone need to go on operation at some hospital. They asks for money for operation and want that other people share their posts where they ask for help. I don’t give them money. I don’t share their posts. I am not sure if they scam. If I give them money, they can use money for something else, not for operation. What do you do when you see something like this and how do you react?

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  1. I see that many people ask for help on Twitter. I just read their tweets and don’t react. Sometimes, people don’t have enough money for themselves and they are not ready to give it.

  2. I’ve learned to tune out things like that. You can’t trust much on the internet, unless you know that person directly and can verify it with them in person. I never give money to anyone unless I know EXACTLY what’s it’s for, and that the people or organization I’ve giving to is 100% reliable to their word. On Facebook, I know you can block posts from the same sources if you see too many like that.