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The Spider in the Drawer

Charlie had a bed with drawers attached beneath it. A specific drawer was meant for his favourite clothes. One day, Charlie grabbed his most-valued t-shirt and put it on, forgetting to close the drawer before exiting the room to brush his teeth. When Charlie got back from the bathroom, he noticed a big hairy spider creeping along the side of his bed, inching closer towards his open drawer that was filled to the brim with amazing shirts.  


“Oh no!” Charlie thought. “I don’t want that icky spider crawling all over my best clothes!” Quickly, Charlie grabbed his baseball bat and tried to splat the spider, missing his big swing. The spider spattered its feet up the side of the open drawer.  Charlie kicked the drawer shut, but not before the spider crawled in.


Charlie couldn’t bare the thought of the spider getting it’s gross legs all over his favourite attire, so he whipped the drawer back open. Unfortunately, the spider had vanished. Charlie began taking each neatly folded shirt out of the drawer, cautiously, in case the spider leeched itself onto one of them. The only thing worse than a spider crawling on Charlie’s clothes… is a spider crawling on Charlie. One by one, Charlie inspected each shirt until the drawer was completely empty. No sign of the spider.


For several days, Charlie didn’t put his shirts back in the drawer. Every morning he would open it and take a long look inside of the empty wooden container, hoping that the spider would magically appear. It never did. By this point, Charlie had given up, assuming that the spider may have escaped the drawer unnoticed. Charlie was still nervous about putting all of his clothes back in the drawer and felt the need to ease himself back into using it. Charlie went to his pile of clean clothes that were sitting in the corner of the room and grabs one. He unfolds a bright green t-shirt, probably his least favourite of the bunch, and tosses it into the empty drawer. He decided he would leave it there overnight. If in the morning there was no sign of the spider, and the shirt was unharmed, Charlie would put all of his clothes back in. Charlie shuts the drawer with the green shirt inside and gets ready for bed.


Charlie woke up the next morning with a big relaxed stretch. He props himself off the bed and moves his hand to the drawer below. Charlie is shocked when he opens the drawer and sees that it is empty, his green shirt is completely gone. Dread builds as he wonders where it could have gone, unable to shake the image of a spider from his mind. He runs downstairs to the breakfast table.


“Mom! Dad! Have you seen my green shirt?” Charlie asks with a trickle of sweat descending his brow. His parents deny ever seeing it and suggest he check the laundry room. Charlie knows he didn’t put it there, but plans to check when he gets back home from school, just incase.


When Charlie gets home, he immediately checks the washer and dryer, finding only his dad’s construction clothes. All night, he looks around the house. The living room, the dining room, the front porch and backyard. He does a second clean sweep of his own bedroom, opening and emptying every drawer, checking the closet and under the mattress. Charlie gets so tired from looking all over the house that he falls asleep before brushing his teeth.


Charlie opens his eyes in a bright room, not his bedroom. He’s surrounded by green walls and his entire body is wrapped in a straight jacket, he cannot move.


“Help! Help!” Nobody hears his cries. Charlie is unsure what to do. He tries standing up, but his feet are tied. He literally cannot move a muscle. He starts yelling at the top of his longs. “Help! Help!!”


With each gasp, Charlie can hear the drywall crumbling. He stops shouting and sees a crack forming in the wall. With every heartbeat, the crack would grow, sprouting trails that fragmented the green surface. There is silence for a moment and Charlie hears a feint tapping sound. Out from the cracks crawl hundreds of thousands of spiders, covering the green in a hellacious black. 


All of their hungry eyes watch him as they sprawl towards his head. Charlie’s heart races with anxiety as one approaches his mouth…


Charlie’s eyes spring open, awakening from his nightmare. He feels a moment of relief. Charlie tries reaching his hand below the bed but cannot move a muscle. It’s just like his dream, he starts scrambling to try and escape. Immediately refilled with fear, Charlie tries to scream. This time, his mouth is muffled. Charlie is fully wrapped in a green sticky thread-like cocoon.  He looks up and he sees something descending down towards him. A spider spiralling down the ceiling from a green-thread of web.


Written by Johnny Papan

The Dentures That Clickity-Clacked

Written by  Johnny Papan


Eugene is an elderly man whose teeth have rotted from his gums. He’s never bothered to take the time to brush his teeth and his smoking of cigarettes only sped the process. He went to the dentist and bought a nice pair of pearly white dentures to fill his spacious mouth.


“Now Eugene, these are a special pair of teeth,” the Dentist says. “Make sure to take good care of them or else you’ll turn these ones rotten too.”


“I will! I promise to brush my teeth every night!” Eugene, so excited to have nice teeth for the first time in years, can’t help but grin for the entire ride home.


At home, Eugene ashes the last of his “after-meal” cigarette and takes a final gulp from his soda before letting out a wretched belch. He looks at the clock, 12:30am and lets out a wicked yawn. It’s time for bed.


Eugene goes to the bathroom to clean his dentures. He plops them out of his mouth, inspecting them. “They look pretty clean to me,” he thinks. Instead of using the special cleaners given to him by the Doctor, Eugene rinses the dentures underneath some warm water. “Good enough for now, I’ll brush them in the morning.” Eugene leaves his dentures on the bathroom counter and hops in for a quick shower. As he’s showering he hears a shockingly loud sound, that almost makes him slip. Clickity-clickity-clickity-clack.


“What the heck was that?” Eugene questions as he moves his shower-curtain to peer into the bathroom. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary…


The next morning, Eugene wakes up and stretches, suddenly wincing. His arms had landed on his pillow and he felt a sharp pain, a red splotch forming on the white linen. He takes a closer look and sees that his right arm is not only bleeding, but also covered in bite marks. He runs to the bathroom to wash the blood off in stinging cold water. The dentures are no longer on the counter.


“Where did they go?” Eugene searches the entire bathroom and cannot find them. He knows they shouldn’t be in his bedroom, but searches there just incase. Eugene tears his entire house apart looking for his sparkling set of pearly-whites, yet remains clueless to their whereabouts. Puzzled, he goes for a second look in the bathroom.


After an unsuccessful second search, Eugene washes his face in defeat. “Am I going mad?” he thinks to himself. He lifts his face to look in the mirror and that’s where he sees them. The dentures have been in his mouth the whole time. Eugene goes back to the Dentist.


“The only logical explanation is that you must have been sleepwalking,” the Dentist explains to Eugene. 


“That’s insane! I would never do that,” Eugene retorts.


“How do you know? You’re sleeping. You could have been sleepwalking for years and never noticed. Maybe you’ve been biting yourself this whole time, you just never got bites because , and please don’t be offended by this, you barely had any teeth. Maybe you’re so excited about your new dentures that you’re putting them in your mouth while wandering dreamland. Try videotaping yourself while you sleep. See what happens.”


Later that night, Eugene sets up a camera and goes to bed, forgetting to brush his teeth and once again leaving them on the counter. After about half an hour of tossing and turning, he hears something. Clickity-clickity-clickity-clack! Eugene tries covering his head with the pillow. Clickity-clickity-clickity-clack!


A glass shatters! Eugene sees that his dentures have fallen on the floor with the glass jar that holds his toothbrush.


“How did that happen?” Eugene thinks as he wraps the broken glass with a towel. Eugene takes his dentures and puts them in a box, sliding it under his bed. He goes back to sleep.


Eugene jolts awake in the middle of the night from the sting of his left arm. It, like his right arm, is covered in bites. He shoves his hand inside his mouth to grab the dentures, but they are not there. He looks under his bed to see that his fake teeth are still neatly packed inside the box. Eugene gets flustered.


“I’m getting to the bottom of this!” Eugene plugs the camera into his laptop and plays the video of him sleeping. Everything seems normal for a couple hours as Eugene fast forwards through the footage. Suddenly, a strange, muffled noise is heard, Eugene stops fast forwarding, watching what’s happening on screen.. Clickity-clickity-clickity-clack! Eugene pays close attention to the noise. The sound gets louder, clickity-clickity-clickity-clack! And louder, clickity-clickity-clickity-clack! And louder. CLICKITY-CLICKITY-CLICKITY-CLACK! The sound is so loud that Eugene starts turning the volume down, but to his dismay, the volume is already on mute. The deafening sound SNAPS right by his ear, CLICKITY-CLICKITY-CLICKITY-CLACK!


Eugene grabs his ear and yelps in shock from the noise. While his mouth is open a strange sensation softly slides against his gums and enter his mouth. He loses control. Clickity-clickity-clickityCHOMP.