Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors have been struggling as of late, they lost to the Milwuakee bucks 104-99 and lost recently to the worst team in the league the Brooklyn nets.  

Some critics have said that the Raptors need a taller point guard than Kyle Lowry.  They have said that Kyle lowrry is to short to defend other guards.    I disagree with the critics suggesting that Kyle Lowry hurts the team because of his size.   Last year in the conference finals the raptors were swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team with a good point guard can only go so far,it’s up to the bench players and the rest of the team to all contribute.   

Raptors win preseason game in Vancouver

The Raptors opened the preseason and played against the Portland trail blazers, they won with their new star player kawhi leondard.   Will kawhi Leonard and the Raptors gel together? Or did Masai ujiri pull the plug by trading derozan for leondard make the Raptors a worse team overall?  Only time will tell once the regular season starts

Canada and nafta

Canada and the us finally got the nafta agreement finalized.  Trump praised Trudeau despite there rifts   Why in the world did it take so long for nafta to get done?  When barak Obama and Stephen Harper signed onto nafta it was good for both countries     Then trump came in and ripped up the nafta agreement.    

What do you think about the us Canada nafta agreement?

Translink fare review

Translink is doing a fare review of how we pay our fares in vancouver and they are considering eliminating the fare zones and instead having a fare by distance fare.    The problem with having a distance by fare instead of fare zones: is the price to take transit for commuters from North Vancouver is going up:  if a commuter is going from north vancouver to production way university station or lougheed town centre, there’s 14 stops total if you go from waterfront to commercial and transfer to the Millennium line.   If you take the expo line around new west to those stations it’s considerably more money.   $140-172/month.    To get to production way university and lougheed town centre has always only been a 2 zone fare and or a 2 zone bus pass for : $126.00/month.

I dont think it is really fare to jack up our prices to take transit , it actually makes transit users use cars instead of transit when they change the system..    this distance by fare system is wrong and overcharges riders.  It’s confusing and hard to follow with how it would work with 90 minute time based compass tickets.

I urge everyone to go on translinks website and do the fare review survey as in the link I’ve pasted, say no to a distance by fare.  Let’s convince translink to keep the current fare zone system as is.

also in the comments section at the end of the survey urge translink  to have a fare system like the ttc in toronto which costs $146.00/month they have no zones however for the $146.00 you can take the ttc to where ever the ttc goes I’ve posted the ttc fare passses page with how much a monthly pass costs to ride entire ttc.   If translinks monthly pass was $146.00/month to ride the whole sky train and rav line it would make the system fare, as riders would be able to go to surrey, Richmond, north van, bby, conquitlam, all on one fare for $146.00